Restaurang Villa Långbers

Restaurang Villa Långbers

Restaurant Villa Långbers

A warm welcome to Restaurant Villa Långbers. We are proud to offer you the best view in Tällberg, well-prepared food, an exciting wine list, and genuinely caring service.

We understand that the dining experience is one of the most important aspects of staying at Hotel Villa Långbers, located atop Tällberg. Our head chef Jakob Mathiasson crafts the menu based on seasonal ingredients. The kitchen blends traditional Swedish culinary culture with the best from around the world, often with a playful twist. We are part of Taste of Dalarna, where members cherish local producers.

A la carte

At the heart of Villa Långbers beats a passion for the local and authentic. Our menu celebrates Dalarna’s rich pantry, featuring selected delicacies like meat from Siljans Chark and the historically significant Rättviks pea.

Our restaurant opens on Thursday through Saturday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. We look forward to sharing our love for local flavors and traditions with you at Villa Långbers, where every dinner is a feast for the senses.

Salon Menu

While waiting for the restaurant to open, enjoy our salon menu featuring a selection of exquisite small dishes. Settle into one of our cozy settings with good company and a game.

Reserve a Table

Phone 0247-502 90

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Restaurang Villa Långbers.


Our menu features many local elements, including meat from Siljans Chark and the heritage plant Rättvik Pea. We warmly welcome you to book a table to ensure seating for your party. Please contact the reception for any inquiries regarding table reservations. The restaurant is open from Thursday to Saturday, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.   A la carte Starters Choose one or more, share them or enjoy them by yourself. Cold-smoked matjes herring 145 served with organic potatoes, elderflower-pickled, cucumber, smoked sugar kelp, sour cream, honey and dill Flamed tartare from local beef 185 served with a variation on organic artichoke, oak-barrel-aged soy from Sälen, smoked almonds and hard cheese from Hansjö Graved and grilled tomato 165 with Swedish buffalo mozzarella, lovage, pistachio and roasted buckwheatHalibut Tartare 185 with wasabi emulsion, sesame, miso from Sälen, fried rice, sea buckthorn and dill   Main courses Grilled corn chicken from Skåne 279 with tangy dill and wild garlic velouté, organic carrots, spring onions, potatoes, fennel and chard Baked char 325 served with crushed potatoes, fennel, browned butter, hand-peeled shrimp, cucumber, chives and dill Pork loin from local farms around Siljan 255 with flamed spring onion mayonnaise, roasted apple, wax beans, braised pointed cabbage, pickled green tomato, fermented Kampot pepper jus, fried potatoes and red oxalis Organic pointed cabbage 275 with hummus made from Vreta yellow pea, butter-cooked lupine bean, fermented chili, cold-smoked soy from Sälen and fried Rättvik peas Beef fillet 52 °C from farms around Siljan 435 with fried potato gratin, broccoli, chorizo, tarragon and sherry vinegar sauce   Desserts Swedish strawberries 155 served with vanilla ice cream, green pepper meringue and crushed cookies Frozen milk chocolate mousse 165 with blackcurrant sorbet, chocolate crisp with miso from Sälen, roasted hazelnuts, blackcurrant cremeux, caramel sauce and lime Kitchen’s ice cream stick 85 with sea buckthorn ice cream, white chocolate and freeze-dried raspberriesOur favorite cheeses 195 local cheeses from Hansjö and Borlänge served with marmalade and crispbread from Bollnäs Kitchen´s own chocolate truffle 25 with a taste of Baileys   Reserve a table Welcome to reserve a table at Restaurant Villa Långbers. Open Thursday to Saturday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, and by request. Telefon: 0247-502 90e-post: [email protected] Till vår onlinebokning

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